Monday, 2 July 2012

Horikiri Iris Garden on the Keisei Line

EMU Keisei AE series, Skyliner passes through Sekiya Station on the Keisei Line

From early June to mid-July, the Tokyo metropolitan area has a hot and humid rainy season called Tsuyu. It is a gloomy period for Tokyoites before midsummer, but it is a pleasure to see some kinds of beautiful flowers which only bloom in this season.

Iris is a typical flower in the rainy season in Tokyo. Large colorful flowers attract millions of gardeners and flower lovers. My favorite is the bluish purple (Edo-murasaki) colored blossom. It is very gorgeous, but elegant as well. It is said that the practice of viewing iris flowers began to spread throughout Japan in the 13th century. Then, in the 17th century in the Edo Period, the iris was modified by flower-loving Samurais, and various kinds of breeds were generated.

Last month, I visited the famous iris garden in Tokyo, called Horikiri Iris Garden (see the following picture). It is located near Horikiri Shobuen (Horikiri Iris garden) Station on the Keisei Line. It takes about 15 minutes from Ueno Station in the downtown area. For your information, admission to Horikiri Iris Garden is free, as it is a public garden, operated by Katsushika Ward Office...thank you.

During my trip, I frequently saw the airport access limited express train, Skyliner bound for New Tokyo International Airport. It was a good opportunity to shoot it as well (see the top photo). This train is one that captivates the passengers and leaves them with a strong impression any time it is seen.

Horikiri Iris Garden near Horikiri Shobuen (Iris Garden) Station on the Keisei Line