Monday, 13 August 2012

Re-visit to Ancient Lotus Garden in Gyoda City

 EMU JR East 485 series, "Yamadori", YD01F stands at Hachioji Station

Along with the sunflower, the lotus is a famous midsummer-blooming flower in Japan. Following my visit to Kodai-hasu (ancient lotus) Garden in Gyoda City last year (see my blog on August 1st, 2011), I revisited it last month. To be honest, the peak blooming season of the ancient lotus had passed when I visited the garden last year. The blossoms still remained, but they were thin on the ponds. So, I watched for an opportunity to visit in the peak period. As soon as I got news of the full bloom, I visited Gyoda City at the earliest chance.

This time I rode leisure train, "Yamadori (Mountain Bird)", number YD01 of the EMU 485 series from Hachioji to Kumagaya Station. Yamadori, YD01, was a standard 485 series originally and was modified to become the special leisure train in 2011. The exterior is a two-toned color of dark brown and light green. It has a playroom for children and a view room in the first car. The cross seats are very spacious with a 2+1 configuration.

After arriving at Kumagaya, I transferred to Chichibu Railway and got off at Gyoda City, the nearest station to Kodai-hasu Garden. It was a very hot and humid day, but I saw many holidaymakers in the garden. They cheered for the beautiful ancient lotus. Me too (see the following photo).

A visit to the splendid ancient lotus garden, the fine midsummer weather and riding a special leisure train was a pretty good weekend day again for me.

Kodai-hasu (Ancient Lotus) flowers in Kodai-hasu Garden, Gyoda City