Monday, 24 December 2012

Nostalgic Aerial Tramway in Onomichi City

Aerial tramway in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

After enjoying the classic streets and spectacular marine view in Fukuyama, I headed west again to reach my final destination on this trip. That was Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Onomichi commands a population of 145,000 people, and is well known as a city of literature and film. Many famous novelists have lived there and many cinematic masterpieces have been set in this city. Onomichi is also known as a city of slopes. There are densely built houses close together on the steep ground and deeply green colored forests on top of the hills.

To enjoy a superb city view, "Senkojiyama (Mt. Senkoji) Ropeway" is convenient. Three minutes of boarding from the foot of the mountain brings you to the summit of Senkojiyma, a spectacular city viewing spot.

Senkojiyama Ropeway is a municipal aerial tramway which opened in 1957. Connecting Sanroku and Sancho stations, the line length is only 361m. The height difference between the highest and lowest points of the route is also small, 115m. It is indeed a mini and nostalgic aerial tramway. Currently, third generation gondolas, Kamome (seagull) and Sakura (cherry) are operated every 15 minutes (see the top photo). They can accommodate up to 30 passengers each.

After arriving at the summit, I enjoyed the lovely landscape of this beautiful city, such as old temples on the slope and the beautiful Onomichi Channel with its elegant oblique bridge, Onomichi Ohashi (see the following picture). I realized why distinguished novelists and film directors have loved this old city.

Superb view from Senkojiyama