Friday, 22 March 2013

It Never Rains in Kanto Plain

Diesel rail car, Kantetsu 2400 series runs between Daiho and Tobanoe stations on the Joso Line

When I was in junior high, a sad event occurred. A week afterwards, on a sunny weekend, I was feeling lonely. Then, I overheard my portable radio playing an unfamiliar tune, titled "It never rains in Southern California" by Albert Hammond. I became enchanted with this song. Despite it being clear (not rainy) in Southern California, the sadness was expressed by the singer in that song. Loneliness and sorrow under the blue sky... that's just same as how I felt at that time.

Even now, when I see blue sky, I sometimes recall in my mind the scene at that time. Last month, I visited a small town in Kanto Plain. It was a beautiful and sunny day for visiting the countryside. In this season, the northern mountains block the cold, wet wind blowing from the northwest, which causes heavy snow to fall on the Japan Sea side and sends cold, dry air to Kanto Plain. So, it stays fine for many days in this area. I saw the large rice fields and well maintained residential quarters under the blue sky.

After doing things, I was heading to the station on the Kanto Railway (Kantetsu). When a colorful diesel rail car passed through in front of me, I abruptly felt sad and lonely. I couldn't understand what happened to me; but, I then realized that it was a flashback of my memory.

It never rains in Southern California; the old song was echoing within my mind.

Diesel rail car, Kantetsu 5000 series runs between Daiho and Tobanoe stations on the Joso Line

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