Thursday, 21 March 2013

Promise of Sakura Season in Tokyo

EMU Tokyo Metro 05 series on the Tozai Line

On March 16th, the Meteorological Agency of Japan declared that the cherry (Sakura) blossoms had opened in Tokyo. The agency predicted that the Sakura trees would fully blossom about a week after they started to bloom.

Japanese people harbor romantic emotions towards Sakura blossoms. We are also reminded of the emptiness of life seeing the beautiful blossoms dropping only a week after they flower. That's why this season is very precious for us. Sakura viewing is a part of Japanese culture; and famous Sakura spots are crowded with admirers. They spread mats on the ground under the blossoms, and have parties with their family, friends and colleagues.

Before the exciting week, I am going to show you last year's fully bloomed Sakura in Tokyo as a preview. Look at the following photo. It was shot at Ushigafuchi in the central part of downtown Tokyo. The Sakura trees are planted along a moat of Edo Castle. The inside of the moat is currently open to the public as a large park.

To get to this Sakura viewing spot, take the Subway Tozai Line, and get off at Kudanshita Station. The blue colored train takes you to this urban oasis easily (see the top photo). There are also many other Sakura viewing spots on this route, such as Chidorigafuchi, Yasukuni Shrine and Sendaiborigawa Park.

The cherry blossoms will wait for you just in front of the number 2 exit leading of Kitanomaru Park.

Full bloomed Sakura at Ushigafuchi near Kudanshita Station on the Tozai Line (April, 2012)