Wednesday, 9 October 2013

2013 Summer Scenery in the Water Country

EMU JR East 209 series passes through Lake Kitaura on the Kashima Line

It's still very hot in Japan, although we are already in October. According to the weather report, the daytime maximum temperature in many places reached 30 degrees Celsius yesterday. In commemoration of "the second summer", I am going to show you a memory of the 2013 midsummer scenery in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Is that a bit of a stretch?

Suigo is located in the eastern part of the Tokyo metropolitan area. It lies astride the prefectures of Ibaraki and Chiba. Being surrounded by large rivers and lakes, Suigo is known as the water country. The small rowboat has been a means of transportation for local people since medieval times. Today, rowboats are rich tourism resources, as visitors can enjoy precious experiences by boarding the small boats.

To get to this traditional water country, take the JR East Kashima Line and get off at Junikyo Station. It takes about two hours from downtown Tokyo. Connecting Katori and Kashima Soccer Stadium, the total operating length of the Kashima Line is 17.4km. All trains are directly operated into the Narita Line for Sahara and Narita. Furthermore, some of them are extended to Chiba and Tokyo. Four or 6-car trains, the EMU 209-2000 and 2100 series, are in service as local trains on the Kashima Line. It was previously operated in the central part of Tokyo, and sent to this local line in 2010 after interior renovation.

You will find a vast sky and a beautiful lake in front of the station.

Summer scenery in Lake Yodaura near Junikyo Station on the Kashima Line