Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Carp Train and Impregnable Castle on the Sanyo Line

L-13 set of the EMU JR West 115 series, "Carp Train" leaves Ajina Station on the Sanyo Main Line
Hiroshima is playing its way to a victory over its rivals. Am I talking about a story of railways? No, I am not. I am talking about baseball. The 2013 Japanese professional baseball has come to the final stage. Hiroshima Carp was a dark hose, but they are gaining force. Beating Hanshin Tigers, Carp booked a spot in the play-off games with Yomiuri Giants in the Central League. I don't have any relatives in Hiroshima, but I extend my most sincere congratulations to Hiroshima people. I hope that Carp is going to play a good match with the Giants.

In commemoration of the victory of Hiroshima Carp, I am going to show you "Carp Train" on the Sanyo Main Line. It is operated by the Hiroshima Regional Office of JR West to support and promote Hiroshima Carp. It is an EMU 115 series-based, and the body is wrapped in red, which is the Carp's team color. It is also decorated with team logos and characters. Carp Train holds a special place in the group of the 115 series.

In the meantime, I am going to show you a snapshot of Hiroshima Prefecture. It is Fukuyama Castle in front of Fukuyama Station on the Sanyo Main Line. This hedgehog was constructed in 1622 by a feudal load, Katsunari Mizuno. Although the original building was destroyed by an air raid during WWII, the castle is a symbol of the strong power among local people even now.

Tower of Fukuyama Castle near Fukuyama Station on the Sanyo Main Line