Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tokyo Night Walk: Classic Tower and State-of-art Subway

EMU Toei 12-000 series (1st batch) stands at Tocho-mae Station on the Ooedo Line
What do you associate Tokyo with? Perhaps, Tokyo reminds you of Tokyo Tower. Although, Tokyo Tower ceded its highest tower position to Tokyo Sky Tree in 2011, it is still a popular sightseeing spot in the capital city of Japan.

Tokyo Tower was completed in 1958. The tower stands 333m (1,093ft) high. It is the second-tallest artificial structure in Japan. The double-decked Main Observatory is located at 150m (490ft), while the smaller Special Observatory reaches a height of 250m (820ft). The tower had been used to broadcast signal outlets for mass media; however, it is currently utilized only for FM radio, since the signal outlets function has been moved to Tokyo Sky Tree, which is 634m (2,080ft) tall.

Tokyo Tower is also known as a good night viewing spot. It is brightly lit up in the evening, and has several illumination patterns. When I visited the tower last weekend, the "Landmark Light" pattern was applied; but unfortunately, the lower part of the tower was not lit up, probably because of maintenance.

To get to this classic tower, the nearest railway station is Akabanebashi on the subway, Toei Ooedo Line. This new line was completed in 2000. One of the features of the Ooedo Line is that linear motor technology is adopted for the train driving system. You can see a special box, "reaction plate" to drive linear motors between the rails on the track.

The state-of art subway and the classic tower... night walk in Tokyo is a joyful attraction.

Night view of Tokyo Tower near Akabane-bashi Station on the Ooedo Line