Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ultra-heroes Train on the Sotetsu Line

Set number 10708F of the EMU 10000 series, "Ultra-heroes Train", stands at Futamatagawa Station
Following the Sonyan (Yurukyara) Train, I am going to show you the other poster train on the Sagami Railway (Sotetsu) Line. It is the "Ultra-heroes Train" to promote a TV drama for kids.

Before describing the Ultra-heroes Train, I have to tell the story of the first Ultra-hero... Ultraman. Ultraman... what a fond memory! He was a protagonist of a TV drama for kids in 1966. Ultraman was born in nebula M78, "Country of Light". He is 20,000 years old now. He came to the earth to wipe out vicious monsters, which are similar to Mesozoic dinosaurs. This drama has already been continuing for 48 years as an Ultra-heroes series. Members of Ultraman's family have been appearing in the dramas one after another. The last one was Ultraman Ginga, who debuted last year. Furthermore, the newest one, Ultraman Victory, will appear this month as a protagonist of a new Ultra-heroes drama.

The poster train, Ultra-heroes, displays members of Ultraman's family including Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory and the monsters on the train bodies. The original model is the 10-car train, the EMU Sotetsu 10000 series. The 10000 series was launched in 2002 to replace old models such as the 2100 and 6000 series. A total of 8 sets, 70 units have been manufactured so far by Tokyu Sharyo and JR East Niitsu factory. To reduce the manufacturing costs, it has a common spec with JR East's EMU E231series.

The Ultra-heroes Train will be operated until August this year.

Ultra-heroes Train leaves Ryokuen-toshi Station on the Sotetsu Line
More information about the Ultra-heroes train (in Japanese):