Thursday, 28 August 2014

Newcomers on the Branch Line

Set number 03F of the EMU Tokyo Metro 05 series travels on the Kita-Ayase Branch Line
As I introduced before, the Kita-Ayase Branch Line is known as the shortest subway route in the Tokyo metropolitan area. As its name suggests, it is a feeder route of the Chiyoda Line, which is one of the main lines operated by Tokyo Metro. Connecting Ayase on the Chiyoda Line and Kita-Ayase near Ayase Rail Yard, its operating length is only 2.1 km. The entire route is an electrified double track. Three car trains are operated every 15 minutes on average.

In May this year, Tokyo Metro replaced all trains on the Kita-Ayase Branch Line. As a result, the EMU 5000 series, which was the Tokyo Metro's oldest train manufactured in 1967, was finally retired. I think that all of those trains have already been scrapped.

Who are the newcomers? They are the EMU 05 series from the Tozai Line. Tokyo Metro has renovated 4 sets, a total of 12 units, of the 05 series, and has relaunched them on the Kita-Ayase Branch Line. The key of the renovations are the following.

Firstly, the control system has been changed from armature chopper to IGBT-VVVF (variable frequency drive). The SiC (silicon carbide) module, which has high temperature stability, is used for this system. Secondly, the stripes of the colors on the bodies have been changed from light blue (the Tozai Line color) to green (the Chiyoda Line color). Thirdly, the interior has also been renovated. For instance, new 17 inch-wide LCD displays have been installed just above the passenger doors.

Set number 13F of the EMU Tokyo Metro 05 series stands at Ayase Terminal