Thursday, 25 September 2014

C-Flyer on the Hokuso Line

EMU Hokuso 9100 series, "C-Flyer", arrives at Yotsugi Station on the Keisei-Oshiage Line
Hokuso is a small railway in Chiba Prefecture. Connecting Keisei-Takasago and Komuro, its operating length is 19.8 km. The track is double and the gauge size is 1,435 mm. The electric system is 1,500 V DC overhead.

Hokuso is also in charge of the operation on the adjacent railway, namely, Chiba Newtown Railway. It has a 12.5 km-long route between Komuro and Chiba-Newtown-Chuo stations. Furthermore, trains on the Hokuso Line are extended to operate onto the Keisei, Toei-Asakusa and Keikyu lines.

EMU 9100 series is the main fleet on the Hokuso Line. It was launched in 1995 to reinforce transportation capacity on the line. A total of three sets, 24 units, have been manufactured so far by Nippon Sharyo. The nickname of the 9100 series is "C-Flyer". "C" stands for Chiba Newtown, while "Flyer" means rapid vehicle like the wind. Public telephones had been equipped in the train for passengers to use, but they were abolished several years ago, because mobile phones have become so popular.

I like this train, as it has a wide variety of seating configurations. Passengers can choose long or cross seats as they like. Needless to say, I always choose a cross seat to enjoy the scenery from the window as a rail fan. This seat has a good level of hardness, which is comfortable for me.

C-flyer always gives me an atmosphere of being on a vacation tour for a while.
Side view of the EMU Hokuso 9100 series, "C-Flyer"
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