Monday, 1 August 2016

Sayonara, EMU 500 Series on the Enoshima Line

EMU Shonan Monorail 500 series travels on the Enoshima Line (July, 2012)

Old trains in the Tokyo metropolitan area retire one after another. On June 26th, Shonan Monorail Company made the last run of their 500 series train on the Enoshima Line.

The Shonan Monorail-Enoshima Line was partially opened in 1970 between Ofuna and Nishi-Kamakura. The entire route was then opened in 1974 between Ofuna and Shonan-Enoshima. Ofuna is the interchange station with the JR East Tokaido, Yokosuka and Negishi lines; while Shonan-Enoshima is close to Odakyu Katase-Enoshima Terminal. The track is single and the electric system is 1,500 V DC. The suspended system adopted is the same as those of the Toei Ueno Zoo Line and the Chiba Urban Monorail Line. There are 8 stations over a total operating length of 6.6km.

The EMU 500 series was launched in 1983 as the Shonan Monorail's first model equipped air-conditioners. A total of 6 sets, 18 units, were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over four years. Its silver bodies with red stripes were my favorite. Specifically, I like that the 500 series careened at the full speed of 75 km per hour when the train went downhill. The sensory speed was much faster. It was very thrilling, like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. After the retirement of the 500 series, the new model, the EMU 5000 series, took over its role on the line. I am hoping for much success for the 5000 series.

Sayonara (good-bye) and Arigato (thank you) to the EMU Shonan Monorail 500 series.

EMU Shonan Monorail 500 series arrives at Fujimi-cho Station (July, 2012)

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