Thursday, 19 January 2017

Gateway Station to the Dream World: Part 2

Concourse of Keio-Tama-Center Station

I visited Keio-Tama-Center Station for the first time in half a year. What was the news with this unique station?

Before showing the changes of the station, let's review Keio-Tama-Center Station. Keio-Tama-Center is known as the nearest station to Sanrio Puroland, which is an indoor theme park operated by Sanrio Entertainment Company. Many kids, mainly girls, visit this dream world to meet with popular mascots such as "Hello-Kitty". It is precious income for the railway company to transport passengers to and from Sanrio Puroland.

Currently, Keio-Tama-Center functions as a "welcome station" to Sanrio Puroland. For instance, station name plates and station clocks were replaced by lovely ones with Sanrio mascots. The ceiling of the station concourse was also replaced very recently by a colorful one with Sanrio mascots. I also found many Sanrio mascots on the platforms such as elevators, handrails and displays of boarding positions to trains.

For your information, Keio-Tama-Center Station was opened in 1974, when the Keio-Sagamihara Line was extended from Keio-Yomiuri-Land to Keio-Tama-Center. The station was constructed in the center of Tama New Town, which was jointly developed by the central government and the Tokyo metropolitan government to solve the increase of the population. It is located about 30 km west of Shinjuku, a giant sub-center of Tokyo Metropolis. It is about half an hour's ride from Shinjuku by limited express train.

Keio-Tama-Center keeps on evolving as a gateway station to the dream world.

Elevator of Keio-Tama-Center Station