Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Good-bye, the EMU Toei 10-000 Series

250F of the Toei 10-000 series arrives at Sakurajosui Station on the Keio Line

One popular group of trains is disappearing from the track in the Tokyo metropolitan area. That will soon become a memory to rail-fans. On August 12th, a 10-car train, set 25 of the EMU Toei (the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) 10-000 series, was retired from the Toei-Shinjuku and the Keio lines. As a result, only two sets of the 10-000 series remain on the track, but they will be also retired soon.

The EMU Toei 10-000 series was launched in 1971 for starting operations of the Toei-Shinjuku Line. So far, a total of 28 sets, 224 units have been built by Nippon Sharyo, Tokyu Sharyo, Kinki-Sharyo and so on. The outer design of the 10-000 series is the so-called "picture frame", which derived from the impression of its train "face".

There are several variations of the 10-000 series. Set 25 has the old design with corrugations on the side bodies and the round-shaped roof top ventilators. Fortunately, I could take pictures of set 25 only two days before its retirement. Much to my joy, special "Final Run" stickers were displayed on their bodies. Thank you for the final present.

After the retirement of set 25, two sets, namely set 27 and 28 are still narrowly operated on the Toei-Shinjuku Line and the Keio Line. I am going to report their last stage of operation in my next post, since those two sets of trains have a different design from that of set 25.

To be continued...

"Final Run" sticker of the EMU Toei 10-000 series