Monday, 25 September 2017

New Revival Colored Train on the Tobu Line

Revival colored train, set 8575 of the EMU Tobu 8000 series, travels on the Kameido Line

Tobu Railway has launched a new "revival colored train". On July 13th, a new special colored train, set number 8575 (hereafter 8575F) of the EMU 8000 series, appeared on the Kameido Line. 8575F was originally built by Tokyu Sharyo in 1982. It consists of two cars named 8575 (Mc) and 8675 (Tc), but the color design of 8575F was changed on this occasion from white with blue colored stripes (Tobu's standard color design) to yellow with a vermillion colored stripe, which was one of the test paint color designs in the 1950's.

8575F is the third revival colored train for the Kameido and Daishi lines. As I posted before, Tobu had already launched two other revival colored trains. They are set number 8568 (hereafter 8568F) and set number 8577 (hereafter 8577F). 8568F has dark green colored bodies with a white stripe, which was also the test paint color design in the 1950's; meanwhile 8577F has orange colored bodies with a yellow stripe, which was used as the Tobu's standard color design from 1958 to 1964.

Tobu has been launching revival colored trains one after another. I sure would like to applaud this kind of service as a rail-fan, but I am alternating between joy and embarrassment, as I must visit the Tobu Line every time. Probably, that's Tobu's strategy. In fact, many rail-fans like me often flock to the Tobu Line to take pictures and ride the new revival colored trains.

Revival colored train, set 8575 of the EMU Tobu 8000 series, arrives at Omurai Station