Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Dr. Yellow: The High Speed Inspector

Set T4 of the EMU JR Central 923 series, Dr. Yellow, stands at Shinagawa Station

You may think that all the train models on the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen have already been shown in this blog, but wait a moment please. There still remains an important model. What is it?

This is the first time to introduce the EMU 923 series to you. The 923 series is an electric and track inspection train belonging to JR Central and JR West. The 923 series was launched in 2000 to replace an old inspection train, the 922 series. A total of two sets, 14 units, were built by Hitachi and Nippon Sharyo. Set T-4 belongs to JR Central; meanwhile, JR West owns set T-5. The mission of the 923 series is to inspect tracks, signals, telecommunication, and electric power systems. The body is designed according to the 700 series.

One of the features of this inspection train is its high speed. The 923 series is able to be operated with a maximum speed of 270 km/hour during the inspection. The data is immediately analyzed and used for the maintenance of tracks. The function of the 923 series is similar with that of the JR East E926 series which is operated on the Tohoku Shinkansen and other Shinkansens connected therewith.

The nickname of the 923 series is "Dr. Yellow", as it has vivid yellow colored bodies. Dr. Yellow is very popular among rail-fans. JR Central does not release the timetable of Dr. Yellow, but many families with children flock to stations to see this rare train on its operation date.

Side view of set T4 of the EMU JR Central 923 series, Dr. Yellow

Official information about the EMU JR Central 923 series, Dr. Yellow (in Japanese):