Friday, 3 November 2017

Special Night Visit to Torin-in Temple in Kyoto City

EMU JR West 221 series stands at Kyoto Station on the San-in Main Line 

Torin-in is a small Buddhist temple in Kyoto City, about 520 km west of Tokyo. It is usually closed, but open to the public when special visits are held on moonlit nights in October. When I visited Torin-in with my family, it was a calm night. There was no wind. The moon was shining in the sky. Plenty of lanterns were throwing a light over the temple garden. We enjoyed the tea ceremony while looking at the moon and the garden.

To visit this beautiful temple, we took the JR West San-in Main Line. The San-in Main Line is one of the transportation arteries in the western part of Japan. Connecting Kyoto and Hatabu, the total route length is 673.8 km. The track is mainly single, partly double. The gauge size is 1,067 mm. It is partly electrified. The electric system is 1,500 V DC overhead. We got off at Hanazono Station. It took about 10 minutes from Kyoto by local train. The section between Kyoto and Hanazono is electrified double track. It is a busy commuter route for office workers and students who commute to the city center of Kyoto.

Our vehicle was the EMU JR West 221 series. The 221 series was launched in 1989 as the first model of JR West after the break-up and privatization of Japan National Railways in 1987. A total of 474 units have been built. Passengers can use this luxury commuter train with cozy seats without any extra charge.

Garden of Tourin-in Temple near Hanazono Station on the San-in Main Line