Monday, 6 November 2017

Indonesian Railway Update: The EMU 6000 Series

Set 24 of the EMU 6000 series in Jakarta, Indonesia (September, 2017, Photo: Faris Fadhli)

I have received a photo from an active Indonesian rail fan. The EMU ex-Tokyo Metro 6000 series has continued to play an active part in Jakarta, Indonesia, ever since it moved from Japan, and came into service in 2011.

The 6000 series is a 1,067 mm gauge and 1,500 V direct current EMU, which was originally launched in Japan in 1968. A total of 36 sets, 353 units, were built until 1990 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kinki Sharyo, Kisha Seizo, Nippon Sharyo and Tokyu Sharyo. The first and the second set were originally operated on the Tozai Line for testing. The third set and later have been operated on the Chiyoda Line. Among the 36 sets of the 6000 series, 25 sets have already been moved to Jakarta after their retirement from the Chiyoda Line, because the Indonesian railway operator has been pursuing modernization of the railways in their capital city.

When I lived in Jakarta, I saw that the first transfer of the 6000 series from the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line had just arrived at Bukit Duri Depot. Unfortunately, I couldn't get on its commercial train, as I had to come back to Japan immediately after arrival of the 6000 series. My thanks go to Mr. Faris Fadhli, who kindly sent me the recent photo. I am glad to see that the EMU 6000 series is playing an active part in Jakarta.

Currently, only three sets are still staying in Japan.

Set 29 of the EMU Tokyo Metro 6000 series travels on the Odakyu Line (August, 2016)