Sunday, 1 October 2017

EMU Tokyu 2000 Series: Rare Model on the Tokyu Line

Set 2002 of the EMU Tokyu 2000 series travels on the Denentoshi Line

You may think that all the train models in the Tokyo metropolitan area have already been shown in this blog, as I have already uploaded more than 1,000 posts here. Wait a moment please. There still remains an important model. What is that?

This is the first time to introduce the EMU Tokyu 2000 series to you. The 2000 series is a commuter train model for the Denentoshi Line. The 2000 series train is directly operated onto the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, but not operated onto the Tobu Line. It is different from the other Tokyu models such as the 5000 series and the 8500 series on the Denentoshi Line.

The EMU Tokyu 2000 series looks the same as the 9000 series, which is operated on the Ooimachi Line. In appearance, design of the face and the body the 2000 series is very similar to that of the 9000 series. The difference is only the shape of the air-conditioner covers on the roofs. Please look it up yourself. The other differences are bogies, motors, electric control devices and so on.

As a rail-fan, I like the 2000 series, because it has value as a rarity. Only 3 sets, 30 units, were built by Tokyu Sharyo from 1992 to 1993. It will be lucky for you, if you come across the 2000 series, when you take the Denentoshi Line.

The EMU Tokyu 2000 series, is a rare commuter train model on the Denentoshi Line.

Set 2002 of the EMU Tokyu 2000 series leaves Tsukimino Station