Saturday, 3 March 2018

C11 368: Preserved SL in Nakano Ward

Steam locomotive C11 368 is preserved in Momijiyama Park near Nakano Station

Nakano is one of 23 wards in Tokyo Metropolis. It is located about 15 km west of the downtown area. Last month, I visited there to meet with my old friend. On my way back home, I stopped at Momijiyama Park near JR East Nakano Station to see a preserved steam locomotive (SL), named C11 368.

The class C11 was launched in 1932 to reinforce the transportation capacity on the local lines of Japanese Government Railways. It is a 2-6-4 type (Whyte notation) small tank locomotive. The maximum speed was 85 km/hour. The maximum output was 783 PS. A total of 381 units were built by Kisha Seizo, Kawasaki Sharyo, Hitachi and Nippon Sharyo. C11 368 was built in 1946 as the fourth batch of the class C11 SL by Nagoya Factory of Nippon Sharyo. After travelling 1.13 million km in the Sendai area of the Tohoku District, C11 368 was retired from the track in 1972, and preserved in Asukayama Park in Nakano Ward.

Currently, a total of 45 units of the class C11 are preserved in public parks, museums and rail yards throughout Japan. For instance, C11 245 is exhibited in Kugenuma Sports Park near JR East Fujisawa Station in Kanagawa Prefecture. On the other hand, C11 292 is preserved in Shimbashi SL Square near JR East Shimbashi Station in Tokyo Metropolis.

The steam locomotive class C11... it is even more popular since it was retired from the track.

Side view of steam locomotive C11 368