Monday, 5 March 2018

EMU 3000V Series: New Model with Slanted Eyes

EMU 3000V series is exhibited at Nippa Rail Yard (October, 2017)

What kind of automobile design is popular in your country? In Japan, many new models have "slanted eye-shaped front lights". This is also true of trains. For instance in Tokyo, the EMU Keio 5000 series and the 5th batch of the Tokyo Metro 9000 series have slanted eye-shaped front lights. Similarly, the EMU Hankyu 1000 series and the JR West 225 series in Osaka have slanted eye-shaped front lights.

I also found a new model, which has slanted eye-shaped front lights in Yokohama. On April 9th, 2017, the Transportation Bureau, City of Yokohama (Yokohama Municipal Subway) launched a new model, the EMU 3000V series on their Blue Line. It debuted to replace an old model, the 3000A series. So far, only one set (six units) is commissioned, but Yokohama Municipal Subway plans to introduce six more sets (36 units) by 2022.

The 3000V series has a similar technical specification with that of previous models, but the 3000V series has new equipment, such as PQ monitoring bogies. The PQ monitoring bogie has special sensors to measure axle load (P) and horizontal pressure (Q). The PQ data is used for evaluating derailment risk. 

The Blue Line (40.4 km) is one of the main transportation arteries in Yokohama City. It has a total of 12 transfer stations to other railways making it very convenient. The electric collecting system is the third rail without pantograph, which is the same as the subway Ginza and Marunouchi lines in Tokyo.

EMU Yokohama Municipal Subway 1000 series (left) and 3000V series (right)

Official information about the trains on the Yokohama Municipal Subway lines (in Japanese):