Thursday, 9 August 2018

Preserved SL and Unique Flowers in Atami City

Steam locomotive ex-Atami Railway No.7 is preserved in front of Atami station

You may remember that I visited Atami City in May. A lot of time has passed since then, but I am going to continue some more topics there.

When I got off at Atami station, I found a lovely steam locomotive (SL) in front of the station building. It was a preserved SL No. 7 operated on the ex-Atami Railway. Atami Railway was opened under the name of Zuso Hand-car Railway in 1895. This tramway later had a name change to Atami Railway; the hand-car railway was reconstructed into a light railway using steam power in 1908. Connecting Odawara and Atami, its total operating length was 25.3 kilometers. The gauge size was 762 millimeters.

The SL No.7 was built by Amemiya Seisakujo in 1907. It is 3.36 meters long and 3.6 tons weight. The SL No.7 has a slender figure, but it could transport up to 50 passengers per train. Its operating speed was 9.7 kilometers per hour. It took 160 minutes from Odawara to Atami; meanwhile, it takes only 8 minutes by the Shinkansen train today. Unfortunately, Atami Railway was abolished in 1923 due to the Great Kanto earthquake.

After observing the precious preserved SL, I enjoyed walking in the downtown area of Atami City. I came across unique flowers on the esplanade. It was Scarlet bottlebrush native to Australia. As its name suggests, this flower looks like a bottlebrush and its color was scarlet. I was fascinated by these tropical flowers shuddering in the spring breeze.

Atami has endless discoveries.

Full blown Scarlet bottlebrush is seen on the esplanade of Atami city