Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Iris Garden on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

EMU Tokyo Metro 05 series (left) and 16000 series (right) on the Chiyoda line

The rainy season continues in Tokyo. From early June to mid-July, Tokyo has a hot and humid rainy season, called Tsuyu. It is a gloomy period for Tokyoites before midsummer, but it is a pleasure to see some kinds of beautiful flowers, which only bloom in this season. Along with hydrangeas, irises are typically seen during the rainy season in Tokyo. The large colorful blossoms are gorgeous and elegant. It is said that the practice of viewing iris flowers began to spread throughout Japan in the 13th century by flower-loving Samurais.

Last month, I visited a local iris garden in Adachi Ward, called Shobu-numa Garden (Iris Swamp Garden). The garden is located just in front of Kita-Ayase station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line. If you go down from the station platform by the elevator, you can see beautiful iris flowers immediately after opening the elevator doors. What a convenient location it is! To our joy, admission to Shobu-numa Garden is free, as it is operated by Adachi Ward Office...thank you.

Incidentally, the platform length of Kita-Ayase station was recently extended from 80 to 200 meters. It is now enough to accommodate 10-car trains. As a result, not only the short EMU 05 series trains, but also the long EMU 16000 series trains can stop at Kita-Ayase station. It is good news for local people, as the number of stopping trains has increased. The completion of the long station platform will contribute to the growth of the Kita-Ayase area.

Shobu-numa (Iris Swamp) Garden is located just in front of Kita-Ayase station

Official information about the EMU Tokyo Metro 16000 series (in Japanese):