Sunday, 26 June 2011

During the Rainy Season … Hydrangea and Train

Hydrangea and EMU Keio 1726F at Higashi-matsubara Station on the Inokashira Line

It’s rainy season just before midsummer in Tokyo. We have been having hot and humid days. At times like that, the only thing that saves my gloomy feelings is viewing hydrangeas which come into flower this season. There are many famous places with hydrangea blossoms in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but one of the undiscovered viewing spots is on the Inokashira Line of the Keio Electric Railway.

This railway company has been working on planting plants on the embankments of the railways to prevent slope failure and protect the environment since 1991. Nowadays, we can enjoy seeing colorful hydrangea blossoms at the side of the railways specifically around Shimo-kitazawa, Shin-daita, Higashi-matsubara and Meidaimae stations in June. The top photo shows beautiful purple and blue blossoms with EMU 1026F at Higashi-matsubara Station. Meanwhile, the bottom one is of pink and white blossoms with EMU 1015F near Shimo-kitazawa Station.

Among them, my favorite one is Hagashi-matsubara station, because the side of the railway at this station is illuminated from mid to late June to allow evening viewing of the blossoms. Although, we can see the beautiful blossoms as we have in the past, the night lights were cancelled this year, because of the electric power shortage, which was caused by the nuclear power plant disasters that followed the giant earthquake and tsunami. I’m really disappointed, but it’s inevitable when I think about the disaster victims.

The hydrangeas at Higashi-matsubara Station this year will withstand the test of time for me as a memorable scene of the giant earthquake year.
Hydrangea and EMU Keio 1715F near Shimo-kitazawa Station on the Inokashira Line