Monday, 3 June 2013

Long-sized Articulated Tram on the Hiroden

Electric car Hiroden 5100 series arrives at Hacchobori Stop

Getting on locally-specific trains outside Tokyo is one of my greatest pleasures as a rail fan. I am going to show you Hiroden's long-sized articulated streetcars, which I have never seen in Tokyo. Hiroden (Hiroshima Electric Railway) enjoys Japan's largest tram network. It consists of seven routes, whose total operating length is 35.1km.

Look at the top photo. It is an electric car 5100 series, "Green mover max". The 5100 series is Hiroden's latest long-sized (30m) articulated streetcar, which was commissioned in 2005. It is composed of 5 bodies with 3 bogies. A total of 10 sets, 50 units, have been manufactured by Kinki Sharyo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyo Denki Seizo. It is classified as the so-called LF-LRT (Low Floor Light Rail Transit). The height of the cabin floor is only 36cm from the track. The futuristic design is my favorite as well as the state of the art specification such as VVVF control with regenerative brake system.

On the other hand, the following picture shows Hiroden's oldest active long-sized (25.3m) articulated streetcar. It is the 3000 series, which was commissioned in 1954. This streetcar consists of 3 bodies with 4 bogies. A total of 7 sets, 21 units, have been manufactured by Hitachi and Kisha Seizo. The specification is rather old; but, the classic style body with two large rounded top front lights is my favorite. The large iron which stands below the pantograph is also peculiar to this streetcar.

Hiroden is a museum of active streetcars, isn't it?

Electric car Hiroden 3000 series runs near Enkobashi-cho Stop