Saturday, 10 November 2018

2018 Tsukuba Express Festival: Part 2

Set 70 of the EMU TX-2000 series

Subsequent to my last post, I am going to continue to show you the 2018 Tsukuba Express Festival held in the TX Sogo Rail Yard.

Visitors could enjoy various events in the yard. For instance, rail fans were allowed to enter the train cockpit. Families got special souvenirs, such as train-printed mugs, after joining the stamp rally. They also enjoyed famous comedians putting on comic plays on a special stage in the train inspection building.

What children delighted in was a tug-of-war game with a train. TX prepared a long and heavy train (TX-2000 + TX-1000 series). It consisted of 12 cars and its total weight was 392,700 kilograms according to my calculation. A group of the children pulled the tug and had to move the train. It was hard work for them, but they eventually won. That became a very good memory for them.

Incidentally, the front design of the train used for the tug-of-war looked special. It had vermilion and white colored special stripes. What was that? It was the specially designed train for the 2nd and the 3rd batch of the TX-2000 series. Finding such subtle design differences between train models is a pleasure for trainspotters.

The railway employees of TX, as well as those of Kantetsu, were very friendly and kind to visitors. The festival was indeed a great success. Plenty of people enjoyed the festival safely. I am truly grateful to TX and Kantetsu to have held this special event.

Children enjoy a tug-of-war game with the EMU TX-2000 and TX-1000 series