Wednesday, 7 November 2018

2018 Tsukuba Express Festival

EMU TX-2000 and TX-1000 series are exhibited in TX Sogo Rail Yard

After visiting Kantetsu's Mitsukaido Rail Yard, I headed to another rail yard nearby. It was Sogo Rail Yard of Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company (Tsukuba Express or TX). In cooperation with Kantetsu, TX also held a rail yard tour on the very same day. Much to my joy, Kantetsu kindly gave the rail fans free bus services between Kantetsu Mitsukaido Rail Yard and TX Sogo Rail Yard, so that I could smoothly move from the former to the latter. The admissions of the two rail yards were of course free.

TX exhibited their EMUs, the TX-1000 and the TX-2000 series in the center of the rail yard. Both the TX-1000 and the TX-2000 series are composed of 6 cars. The outer designs of the TX-1000 and the TX-2000 series look almost same. What is the difference between the two models?

The answer is their electric systems. The TX-1000 series is a DC (direct current) train; meanwhile, the TX-2000 series is an AC-DC (alternate current and direct current) dual system train. The southern part of the TX line between Akihabara and Moriya stations has adopted the DC system; meanwhile, the AC system is applied to the northern part of the route between Moriya and Tsukuba stations. It means that the TX 1000 series can be operated only on the section between Akihabara and Moriya stations; meanwhile, the TX-2000 series is able to be operated on the whole route of the TX line.

To be continued...

Set 03 of the EMU TX-1000 series stands at Sogo Rail Yard

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