Wednesday, 19 September 2012

F-Train II, Special Poster Train on the Odakyu Line

EMU Odakyu 3093F of 3000 series, F-Train II arrives at Kyodo Station

On July 20th, Odakyu Electric Railway launched a special poster train, "F-Train II" in commemoration of the first anniversary of "Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum".

Fujiko F Fujio (1933-1996) was a famous Japanese cartoonist, who created popular comics, such as Doraemon, Perman and Kiteretsu. After his death, Fujiko F Fujio Museum was opened, and has been operated by Kawasaki Municipal Office, as he had been lived in Kawasaki City for long time. His original drawings and related materials are displayed in the museum.

F-Train II is a 10-car train, EMU 3093F of 3000 series wrapped in posters. It carries designs of Fujiko F Fujio's popular cartoon characters on the blue, pink, orange, yellow and green colored car bodies (see the top photo).

F-Train II has a tidbit of history. In 2011, Odakyu launched the first F-Train, but it was short lived. It was because the F-Train had violated the regulation of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. According to the regulation, Odakyu had to get a permit of the poster train prior to the operation. To make matters worse, the size of the cartoon characters had also broken the regulations. They were too large. For your information, the Odakyu Line penetrates not only Kawasaki City but also Tokyo Metropolis.

After a big fuss, the matter was settled. Odakyu has launched the second poster train, F-Train II. Although the size of the cartoon characters has shrunk, they have been revived on the body of an urban train on the Odakyu Line.

Closeup of the F-Train II, EMU Odakyu 3093F of 3000 series at Kyodo Station

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