Wednesday, 22 June 2022

EMU Tobu 100 Series, "Spacia": Update, Part 2

Set 102 of the EMU Tobu 100 series, "Spacia", with "Miyabi"-colored bodies

Let's continue where I left off last time. What's been going on with the EMU Tobu 100 series, "Spacia", recently?

On March 17th, set 104 was retired from the track after operating for 32 years. It was the first retiree of Spacia trains. As a result, 8 sets are currently operated on the track. 5 sets (set 101, 102, 103, 105 and 109) are operated only on the Tobu lines; meanwhile, 3 sets (set 106, 107 and 108) are directly operated onto the JR East lines.

Spacia currently has 4 color designs. Set 101 has nostalgic "Deluxe Romance Car"-colored bodies. It's a dark beige with maroon stripes. Set 102, 105 and 107 have shining "Miyabi"-colored bodies. It's a white with shining purple and blue stripes. Set 103 and 106 have flashy "Nikko-moude"-colored bodies. It's a shining gold with orange and dark brown stripes. Finally, set 108 and 109 were recently returned to standard-colored bodies. It has a white with orange and dark red stripes.

Here we are in the middle of the gloomy rainy season in Tokyo. The weather has been really changeable. As soon as I notice the sun has come out, the weather changes drastically and it starts pouring rain. When I took a picture of set 102 at Higashi-Mukojima station, it was clear, but half an hour later, it started to sprinkle a little bit. There was a downpour at the same station, when I shot set 106. There's no use complaining about it.

Set 106 of the EMU Tobu 100 series, "Spacia", with "Nikko-moude"-colored bodies